Overview of the I-WAY: Wide Area Visual Supercomputing

Authors: DeFanti, T., Foster I., Papka, M., Stevens, R., Kuhfuss, T.

Publication: International Journal of Supercomputing Applications, vol 10, no 2, pp. 123-130

URL: http://www.evl.uic.edu/EVL/RESEARCH/PAPERS/PAPKA/intro.html

This paper discusses the I-WAY project and provides an overview of the papers in this issue of IJSA. The I-WAY is an experimental environment for building distributed virtual reality applications and for exploring issues of distributed wide area resource management and scheduling. The goal of the I-WAY project is to enable researchers use multiple internetworked supercomputers and advanced visualization systems to conduct very large-scale computations. By connecting a dozen ATM testbeds, seventeen supercomputer centers, five virtual reality research sites, and over sixty applications groups, the I-WAY project has created an extremely diverse wide area environment for exploring advanced applications. This environment has provided a glimpse of the future for advanced scientific and engineering computing.

Date: January 1, 1996
NII / Wall Virtual Environment - J. Leigh, EVL

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