Toward Real-time Interactive Virtual Prototyping of Mechanical Systems: Experiences Coupling Virtual Reality with Finite Element Anaylsis

Authors: Canfield, T., Disz, T., Papka, M., Stevens, R., Huang, M., Taylor, V., Chen, J.

Publication: Proceedings of High Performance Computing 1996, New Orleans, LA, pp. 339-345

Virtual prototyping involves a synthesis of engineering methodology and immersive, three-dimensional visualization technology. Ideally, this is a process in which computational models are used in place of physical models in the development of a new product or design concept. If used successfully, virtual prototyping can lead to more rapid product design and development.

Software is currently being developed that will enable virtual prototyping of mechanical systems in the CAVE at Argonne National Laboratory. This software has two principal components: (1) fast simulation software FIFEA (Fast Implicit Finite Element Analysis), for analyzing mechanical systems and (2) virtual reality display software for visualizing results and allowing user interaction. This paper discusses various issues related to the coupling of finite element software to the CAVE display system.

Date: April 1, 1996

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