The File Room: An Interactive Computer Project Addressing Cultural Censorship

Authors: Roussou, M., Brenner, P.

Publication: Proceedings of Second WWW Conference ’94: Mosaic and the Web, Chicago, IL


The File Room is an illustrated archive of cases of cultural censorship throughout history and around the world. Presented both as a public interactive installation at the Chicago Cultural Center from May to September of 1994 and as a continuous web server housed at the University of Illinois at Chicago, The File Room was in development for over two and a half years. Our goal was to extend this project well beyond Chicago, drawing upon the participation of contributors world-wide and likewise providing global access to the compiled textual, visual, and sonic information. This project addressed the issues of public interactivity and the use of Mosaic as a tool for a kiosk-like presentation.

Date: October 1, 1994
M. Roussou, EVL

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