Lambda Table: High Resolution Tiled Display Table for Interacting with Large Visualizations

Authors: Krumbholz, C., Leigh, J., Johnson, A., Renambot, L., Kooima, R.

Publication: Workshop for Advanced Collaborative Environments (WACE) 2005, Redmond, Washington

To explore new methods of interaction with large scientific datasets, we have developed a high resolution visualization table. This system merges table interaction and Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) with current tiled display technology.

We discuss the advantages of tiled Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) systems over projector based displays, and present the LambdaTable, our implementation of a tiled LCD table. We also discuss camera tracking of tangible interface devices on the table, and present a system for validating this interface against Fitts Law.

Date: September 8, 2005 - September 9, 2005

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Lambda Table - C. Krumbholz, EVL

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