Applying Augmented Reality and Haptics to Evaluate Dynamic Prototypes of Mobile Devices

Authors: Yoganandan, A., Banerjee, P., Luciano, C.

Publication: Workshop on Cloud-Mobile Convergence for Virtual Reality, 2009 (CMCVR ’09), Lafayette, LA

The current inability to realistically simulate and test dynamic user interfaces of mobile device prototypes is one of the prime limiting factors to successful product launches. Current processes provide very little insight into inter-relationships among physical form of the product, the human-machine interface and the applications that run on those devices. In this paper, we present a technique that provides a common platform where product designers, user interface developers and software programmers can interactively visualize and test their new concepts by exploring and touching a 3D virtual reality prototype using Augmented Reality and Haptics. This simulation tool can enhance or even replace traditional prototyping and facilitate testing of the prototype at various points of the design cycle.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Product Design, Virtual Reality Prototyping, User Interface, Haptics, Simulation

Date: March 15, 2009

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Functional Virtual Reality Prototype of a PDA interacted with a virtual stylus - C. Luciano, IVRI

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