Visualization Design Patterns for Ultra-Resolution Display Environments

Authors: Reda, K., Aurisano, J., Febretti, A., Leigh, J., Johnson, A.

Publication: In Proceedings of the Workshop on Visualization Infrastructure and Systems Technology (VISTech ’13), Denver, CO

The past 10 years have seen great advances in visualization infrastructure. From large, ultra-resolution displays (URDs) to new interaction devices, modern visualizations technologies hold the promise of bringing about a new generation of visual analytic tools that are more capable of tackling big-data challenges. Yet, there is a lack of understanding among visualization designers on how to adapt existing design paradigms to take advantage of these new platforms. In this paper, we look at commonly used visualization design patterns and give guidelines on how to adapt them to URDs. We also describe two example visual analytic tools which leverage our adaptations to enable the analysis of big datasets on URDs.

Keywords: Ultra-resolution displays; design patterns; visual analytics

Date: November 22, 2013

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Complex data visualizations displayed on EVL’s Cyber-Commons tiled display - L. Long, EVL

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