TIDE: Tele-Immersive Data Explorer

Researchers: Andrew Johnson, Chris Scharver, Jason Leigh, Nikita Sawant, G. Reinhart, S. Batchu, E. Creel, S. Bailey, R. Grossman

URL: http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/TIDE

Funding: DoE

The Tele-Immersive Data Explorer is a CAVERNsoft-based collaborative, immersive environment for querying and visualizing data from massive and distributed data-stores. TIDE is designed as a re-usable framework to facilitate the construction of other domain-specific data exploration applications challenged with the problem of having to visualize massive data-sets.

At Supercomputing 1999, TIDE clients running on ImmersaDesks at various exhibit booths (notably the National Center for Data Mining, Argonne National Laboratory, Alliance and ASCI booths) collaboratively queried and correlated data distributed amongst several DSTP (Data Space Transfer Protocol) servers. DSTP is a next-generation data mining tool for the distribution, inquiry, and retrieval of data columns for correlation studies.

Email: spiff@evl.uic.edu

Date: May 1, 1999 - June 1, 2000

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