iGrid2000 Empowering Global Research Community Networking

July 18th, 2000

Categories: Applications, Data Mining, Networking, Software, Supercomputing, Tele-Immersion, Visualization, VR

Online Monitoring and Steering of Remote Black Hole Simulations
Online Monitoring and Steering of Remote Black Hole Simulations


Brown, M. (Editor)


iGrid 2000, the International Grid, demonstrates how the power of today’s research networks enables access to remote computing resources, distribution of digital media, and collaboration with distant colleagues.

The concept of connecting geographically distant computing resources and people seamlessly, efficiently and routinely over high performance networks is itself a major research topic, as computer scientists and application scientists worldwide prototype the 21st-century advanced computational infrastructure, or “grid.”

iGrid highlights both the achievements in grid architecture development, and the advancements it enables in science, engineering, cultural heritage, art and architecture, media communications and distance education.

iGrid features 24 applications from 14 regions Canada, CERN, Germany, Greece, Japan, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States with emphasis on tele-immersion, large datasets, distributed computing, remote instrumentation, collaboration, human / computer interfaces, streaming media, digital video and high-definition television.

Applications are presented on impressive display technologies: the CAVE™ virtual reality theater developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Super-High Definition digital cinema system from NTT Network Innovation Laboratory, and the Access Grid presentation environment developed by Argonne National Laboratory. Two ImmersaDesks™ as well as plasma displays also showcase applications in virtual reality (stereoscopic) or large-screen (monoscopic) mode.

iGrid is connected to the JGN, the WIDE Project Network (in cooperation with NTT, TTNet and PNJC), APAN and the APAN / TransPAC (100 Mbps) link to STAR TAP℠, the international interconnection point in Chicago, Illinois.





Brown, M. (Editor), iGrid2000 Empowering Global Research Community Networking, Proceedings of iGrid2000 at INET2000, The 10th Annual Internet Society Conference, Yokahama, Japan, July 18th, 2000. http://www.startap.net/igrid2000