3D Avatars Using Depth from Stereo

Researchers: Alex Hill, Dana M. Plepys, Daniel J. Sandin, Satheesh Subramanian, Vivek Rajan

Funding: NSF, ASCI

The 3D model of the person is obtained using depth from stereo. The range information obtained from depth from stereo is used to segment the background. Using a 3D meshing algorithm the surface of the 3D avatar is reconstructed from the point cloud data of the foreground. Since the model of the avatar is constructed in real-time the 3D shape or size of the person need not be known. Thus this method can be used to generate more realistic video avatars.

Email: dan@uic.edu

Date: July 1, 1999 - September 1, 2000
Point Cloud and Triangulated Image - V. Rajan

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