Magic Carpet

Researchers: Andrew Johnson, Dmitri Svistula, Jason Leigh, Paul Morin, Science Museum of Minnesota


Funding: Science Museum of Minnesota

MagicCarpet is a cluster-based ultra-high-resolution image viewer for scalable tiled displays. Unlike JuxtaView, MagicCarpet uses pre-processed multi-resolution images that reside on local disk. The software loads appropriate detail at different zoom levels by paging texture data to video memory on demand.

The aim of MagicCarpet is to provide interactive rendering of large data that be suitable for fast-paced and demanding settings such as museums. MagicCarpet supports entirely local and remote user interfaces. The choice of a particular interface may depend on the context of use. In addition to multi-resolution, time dependent datasets can also be displayed by the software.

MagicCarpet uses VTK to visualize data and it can work as a standalone application or render to SAGE tiled display manager. Future versions of MagicCarpet may allow on-demand generation of levels of detail without the requirement of pre-processing when integrated with OptiStore.


Date: August 16, 2005 - August 15, 2006
Geophysical data displayed using Magic Carpet - D. Svistula, EVL

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