Ars Electronica Festival 2001

Participants: Alex Hill, Beth Cerny Patiño, Drew Browning, Geoffrey Allen Baum, Josephine Anstey, Josephine Lipuma, Margaret Dolinsky, Marientina Gotsis, Petra Gemeinboeck, Ya Lu Lin, Brenda Lopez, Todd Margolis, Keith Miller, Dan Neveu, Dave Pape, Tim Portlock, Dan Sandin, Joseph Tremonti, Annette Barbier, Edward Dambik

Institutions: Interactive Institute-Tools for Creativity Studio, State University of New York, Indiana University, C3 Center for Culture & Communication, Institute for the Unstable Media, University of Eindhoven


Ars Electronica Center (AEC), Linz, Austria

EVL joins the Ars Electronica Festival with its collection of eleven virtual worlds entitled, “EVL: Alive on the Grid”. Curated by Dan Sandin, the collection consists of the following works:
  • Looking for Water - Dan Sandin
  • Dreambox - Beth Cerny, Alex Hill, Ya Ju Lin, Brenda López Silva, Todd Margolis
  • Through the Looking Glass of Josephine Lipuma - Josephine Lipuma
  • Excavation - Joseph Tremonti, Petra Gemeinboeck
  • Home - Drew Browning, Annette Barbier
  • PAAPAB - Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Dan Neveu
  • Super Spectacular - Tim Portlock
  • syn.aesthetic - Geoffrey Allen Baum, Keith Miller
  • La Boîte - Marientina Gotsis
  • Infinite Studio - Todd Margolis
  • Beat Box - Margaret Dolinsky, Edward J. Dambik

“Which constellations, which factors are defining the art of tomorrow, where will it happen, who is doing it and with whom?

The altered framework conditions that effect working as an artist and the impact of art in a world characterized by information and communications technologies have given rise to new forms of art. Significant here is the shift of their presence into spheres beyond the conventional art world and also increasingly into the emerging economies that have been geo-culturally uncharted territory for media art”.

- Statement by Gerfried Stocker, artistic director AEC


Date: September 1, 2001 - September 6, 2001

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