The GeoWall Summit

Participants: Andrew Johnson, Atul Nayak, Jason Leigh, Vikas Chowdry, Paul Morin

Institutions: University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

EVLers are participatng in the Second GeoWall Summit held in Minneapolis convened by Paul Morin (University of Minnesota) and Jason Leigh (EVL). They will unveil new software developed for the AGAVE and discuss experiences with the use of this technology in the field of GeoSciences and in classroom teaching.

Andy Johnson: K-12 applications, Experiences from the classroom
Atul Nayak: Immersaview - An Open Inventor viewer to interact with 3D content
Jason Leigh: Volume Rendering on the AGAVE, Progress made in the graphics hardware

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Date: June 5, 2002 - June 7, 2002
Still from Summit - J. Leigh / EVL

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