Associate Professor Andrew Johnson Receives 2007 UIC Teaching Recognition Awards

Participants: Andrew Johnson

Computer Science Department, University of Illinois at Chicago

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EVL’s Associate Professor Andrew Johnson is recognized with the 2007 Teaching Recognition Program Awards from UIC’s Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. A maximum of 20 UIC faculty campus-wide from a pool of over 2000 educators are awarded this honor annually.

Professor Johnson has consistently received excellent student reviews. Of note, is his incorporation of novel teaching approaches and integration of cutting edge technologies as part of the curriculum; He was among one of the first faculty members to make his course notes available via the Web, and continually refines his courses to include the latest research developments.

Professor Johnson’s research focuses on developing advanced visualization technology, and applying this technology to teaching and learning. Among Professor Johnson’s highly successful research developments is the GeoWall project - an affordable 3D interactive visualization display for use in lectures and student laboratories. The GeoWall has changed the way Earth Science is being taught at universities across the country. Over 500 GeoWalls have been built at universities such as Arizona State, Indiana, Kansas, MIT, Minnesota, San Diego State, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, as well as here at UIC.


Date: February 14, 2007
Computer Science Department, UIC

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