Presentation at the 2009 University Film and Video Association Conference TEACHING BASIC ANIMATION

Participants: Daria Tsoupikova, Mara Alper, Ithaca College, Francesca Talenti, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Jason Harrington, Ithaca College, Roger Good, School of Media Arts & Studies, Ohio University

Institutions: University Film and Video Association, Ithaca College, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Ohio University

Performing Arts Center, The University of New Orleans. New Orleans, LA

TEACHING BASIC ANIMATION presentation by Daria Tsoupikova was part of the Teaching Motion Graphics & Animation panel at the 2009 University Film and Video Association Conference in New Orleans, LA.

The panel presented ideas for teaching motion graphics and animation including exercises, project assignments, teaching design to non-artists, and how to teach-or-not-to-teach software followed by discussion.

The UFVA Conference is an international event where media production and writing meets the history, theory and criticism of the media. The UFVA presenters are image-makers and artists, teachers and students, archivists and distributors, college departments, libraries, and manufacturers involved in the production and study of film, video, and other media arts. Founded in 1947 as the University Film Producers Association, the UFVA has developed into an organization of almost 800 professionals and institutions.

The Conference provided opportunities to meet and share ideas with colleagues, receive evaluation of creative work, and monitor the developments in film / video technology, education, scholarship and artistic pursuits.


Date: August 5, 2009

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