IVA 2010

Participants: Sangyoon Lee

URL: http://www.iva2010.com

Inn at Penn, located in the University City area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ph.D. candidate, Sangyoon Lee presents EVL’s research on creating LifeLike avatars at the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA 2010), September 20-22, 2010, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. IVA-2010 is an interdisciplinary annual conference and the main forum for presenting research on modeling, developing and evaluating intelligent virtual agents with a focus on communicative abilities and social behavior.

The paper entitled “Designing and Expressive Avatar of a Real Person” (Sangyoon Lee, Gordon Carlson, Steve Jones, Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot) is presented as part of the IVA Gesture and Expression Session, Monday September 20th, 1-3pm. The presentation describes research developments related to the National Science Foundation supported Project LifeLike (CNS-0420477, CNS-0703916).

Email: james0709@gmail.com

Date: September 20, 2010 - September 22, 2010

Document: Designing an Expressive Avatar of a Real Person
A target person: Dr. Alex Schwarzkopf and avatar - S. Lee, EVL

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