SC17 SAGE2 BOF materials now posted online

November 12th, 2017 - November 16th, 2017

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SC17 SAGE2 BOF Presentation
SC17 SAGE2 BOF Presentation


The SC17 SAGE2™ BOF presentation material is now posted online.

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SAGE2 @ SC17: Demonstrations, Birds of a Feather, and SCinet Participation

NOVEMBER 12-16, 2017 - Members of the SAGE2™ Team who attended the IEEE/ACM SC17 conference - from University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa’s Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications (LAVA), University of Illinois at Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), and University of Hawaiz’i at Hilo - were involved in many tech transfer activities, notably research demonstrations, a Birds of a Feather (BOF) meeting, and developing visual analytics of network performance for the SCinet DevOps team. The SC17 conference was held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.


The “SAGE2 9th Annual International SC BOF: Scalable Amplified Group Environment for Global Collaboration” meeting was held on Thursday, November 16. The BOF provided a Forum for SAGE2 developers to meet with the the SAGE/SAGE2 global user community and potential users; specifically:

      • To introduce key SAGE2 team members
      • To highlight new SAGE2 sites and applications
      • To provide an overview of the 2017 SAGE2 user survey and recommended roadmap
      • To introduce SAGE2 v3 (named “Waipi’o”)
      • To solicit feedback

SAGE2 presentation materials can be downloaded or accessed as follows:

SAGE2 Videos:

SAGE2 Demonstrations

SAGE2 demonstrations took place in the Center for Data Intensive Science/Open Commons Consortium research booth on the exhibition floor, November 13-16, 2017. Booth attendees saw firsthand SAGE2 v3’s many new and advanced features, and talked with the key developers:
      • SAGE2Cloud: create and manage SAGE2 server instances in Docker containers
      • JupyterLab plugin: link your science workflows with SAGE2 using the next version of Jupyter
      • Performance monitoring: monitor performance of your server and display clients
      • A user management system
      • Unity3D apps (WebGL export)
      • Remote collaboration features: remote view, remote pointers
      • Voice commands
      • Better webviews and user interface

SAGE2 SCinet Participation

SCinet is the SC conference’s highly sophisticated, high-performance network infrastructure that is designed and implemented by a large group of academic, government and industry volunteers. SCinet’s DevOps Team runs the internal software infrastructure for SCinet - including software to monitor and measure network flows to ensure services and provide alerts when there are issues. Starting last year, SCinet organizers used SAGE2 on a tiled display wall outside their Network Operations Center in order to provide attendees with large-scale images about the network. This year, SCinet continued to use SAGE2, but also wanted help producing visualizations of network flows to gain more insight into usage. Andrew Burks, a member of the SAGE2 Team from EVL, produced several visual analytic diagrams over the course of the week, which were displayed both on SCinet’s wall as well as in the SAGE2 research booth.

SAGE2 receives major funding from the National Science Foundation (award #ACI-1441963).
SAGE and SAGE2 are trademarks of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

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