IEEE Virtual Reality ’99

March 13th, 1999 - March 17th, 1999

Categories: Applications, Human Factors, Networking, Software, Tele-Immersion, Visualization


EVLers presented the following papers at the IEEE Virtual Reality ’99 Conference:

  • Andy Johnson - “The Round Earth Project: Deep Learning in a Collaborative Virtual World”, Johnson, A., Moher, T., Ohlsson, S., Gillingham, M.
  • Jason Leigh - “A Review of Tele-Immersive Applications in the CAVE Research Network”, Leigh, J., Johnson, A., DeFanti, T., et al.
  • Robert Kenyon - “Effects of Network Characteristics on Human Performance in a Collaborative Virtual Environment”, Park, K., Kenyon, R.
  • Tomoko Imai - “TheVirtual Mail System” (poster)