EVL Participates in SC2003

November 15th, 2003 - November 21st, 2003

Categories: Applications, Devices, Networking, Software, Supercomputing

The Tile Display, with the Glimmerglass Switch, at SC2003
The Tile Display, with the Glimmerglass Switch, at SC2003


EVL will be demonstrating an OptIPuter driven 5x3 LCD tiled display that has a collective resolution of 8000x3600 pixels at SC2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. EVL’s collaborators are the following: Lab for Advanced Computing (LAC), San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC) and Oakridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Demonstrations on the display will include:
JuxtaView - which will display extremely high resolution digital montages from earth science, neurobiology, and homeland security applications.

Vol-a-Tile - which will display large time varying 3D seismic volumes. Vol-a-Tile will be fed volumetric data from a remote cluster at EVL using up 4Gigabits of connectivity from EVL to Phoenix. Furthermore Vol-a-tile will attempt to interface with the TeraGrid clusters to retrieve visualization data.

TeraVision - a streaming graphics system, will demonstrate the new Glimmerglass multicast-capable photonic switch. The demonstration will show how the switch can be used as a patch-panel to direct light from one computer node to another. TeraVision will stream graphics to wherever the Glimmerglass switch is directed. Furthermore EVL will attempt to use the photonic multicasting capability to “duplicate” the light from the gigabit network adapters that are providing the TeraVision graphics stream, and direct it to 4 arbitrary receiving clients for simultaneous display. This will be a significant breakthrough because it will enable rapid data duplication at no extra computation cost.