New CoreWall Technology for the Personal GeoWall-2 Displayed at Florida State University

August 13th, 2004 - August 20th, 2004

Categories: Applications, Data Mining, Devices, Education, Networking, Visualization

The CoreWall prototype running on the Personal GeoWall-2
The CoreWall prototype running on the Personal GeoWall-2


Graduate student Arun Rao visited Florida State University (FSU) to demonstrate EVL’s prototype CoreWall application to members of the Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility (AMGRF) , Antarctic Drilling Program (ANDRILL) and The Shallow Drilling along the Antarctic Continental Margin project (SHALDRIL).

The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate technologies to assist AMGRF scientists, as their core repository from the land and surrounding waters of Antarctica is nearing capacity.

CoreWall runs on EVL’s Personal GeoWall-2, a tiled LCD display system driven by a single PC. CoreWall allows the user to view geologic cores at full resolution along with related data. The CoreWall application loads high resolution images of core sections, organizes them by drilling location, loads / displays multi-sensor log data, and interactively slides core section images along horizontal tracks.

CoreWall, still in development, will be a collaborative, interactive core visualization tool for geoscientists. Future work includes integrating the JANUS Ocean Drilling Program database at Texas A&M.

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