EVL MFA Candidates Host Open-Node Meeting

July 6th, 2006

Categories: Applications, Devices, Education, Human Factors, MFA Thesis, Multimedia, Networking, Tele-Immersion, Video / Film

Kostis & Shah’s Thesis Project Images
Kostis & Shah’s Thesis Project Images


EVL MFA candidates, Helen-Nicole Kostis and Tina Shah will be hosting the next open-node gathering on Thursday, July 6 in EVL’s BATCAVE. Open-node consists of a group of artists, teachers, students, and curators in Chicago. Each monthly meeting features a presentation by 1 or more artists.

The evening will begin with a tour of interactive works by Helen-Nicole Kostis and Tina Shah, followed by short presentations from each of them on their latest research and art.

Helen-Nicole Kostis will be presenting “skin”, an interactive, stereoscopic video installation that explores the intersection of the body as landscape / mindscape as well as the traces of touch on the virtual bodies left by participants.


Tina Shah will be presenting “Cue”, a systems-based artwork representing the visual processing experienced during moments of recollection. By designing an algorithm to track relationships between the artist’s database of video memories and images captured in real time in the exhibition space, a unique perspective and relationship is formed between public and private memories.