Corelyzer Joins ANDRILL Expedition

October 1st, 2006 - December 31st, 2006

Categories: Applications, Software, Visualization


EVL’s Corelyzer software will be used during latest ANDRILL drilling expedition, MIS McMurdo Ice Shelf Project scheduled to be drilled in October 2006.

ANDRILL stands for Antarctic geological drilling. It is a five-year research project, officially called “Investigating Antarctica’s Role in Cenozoic Global Environmental Change,” studying the past 20 million years of the geologic and climate history of Antarctica. Scientists plan to drill two deep holes in the McMurdo Sound region to recover continuous sediment cores from the seabed. The drilling platforms will be floating ice.

Scientists will use a powerful new drilling system owned by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Northern Illinois University. About 100 scientists from the United States, Germany, New Zealand and Italy will be involved in the project.