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September 1st, 2006

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F. Fischnaller, Chief Design, Project & Production Manager, F.A.B.R.I.CATORS
F. Fischnaller, Chief Design, Project & Production Manager, F.A.B.R.I.CATORS


September, 2006, e-Art… Art… Net… Technology… Society… Democracy?

…book by Franz Fischnaller will be published by Editori Riuniti in paperback in Italian and accompanying cd-room in English.

e-Art will be in the main Italian bookstores from 5 November 2006. Presentations will be organized in several cities of Italy including Rome, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Genoa, Naples, Salerno, Siena, Venice, etc.

The first presentation of e-Art will take place at 4:30 PM, November 15, 2006 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome [MACRO].

e-Art… approaches on several topics from various viewpoints, such as: remote arts, electronic art, transgenic art, mobile media, networking, superbroad band, telecommunications, tele-presence, biogenetics, robotics, virtual reality, electronic, nanotechnology, augmented reality, digital media, music, synesthesia, neuroscience, multisensory processes, research, digital technology, communication, human-networking interfaces, cultural heritage, interactivity, democracy, ecology, human rights, philosophy, politics, knowledge, information, sociology and economy.

e-Art also investigates the primacy of intangibility in many new art forms, in new artistic languages and the different paths toward creativity, interactivity, edemocracy, ecology, information, and post-realistic experiences. In this book Art, creativity and the net assume cohesive roles as vital elements and interdisciplinary realities inherent to Art and our society, emphasizing ART as a proactive tool and a behavioral new media rather than ART as a scholastic-winner tech subject. e-Art brings together forty eclectic authors of diverse provenance and specialties: theoreticians, writers, artists, students, journalists, producers, poets, gurus and visionaries who operate in the scientific, electronic, artistic, cultural, ecological, industrial, social and political ambit like: Mauro Annunziato [Italy] | Kapil Arora [India] | Annette Barbier [USA] | Massimo Bertoncini [Italy] | Mary Ann Breeze [Australia] | Maxine Brown [USA] | Drew Browning [USA] | Pier Luigi Capucci [Italy] |, Tomas DeFanti [USA] | Sara Diamond [Canada] Steve Dietz [USA] | Manuel Gllardo [Venezuela] | Petra Gemeinboeck [Austria] | Eduardo Kac [Brazil] | Jaron Lanier [USA] | Jason Leigh [USA] | Golan Levin [USA] | Brenda Lopez [Mexico] | Bernhard Losch [Italy] | Ya Lu Lin [China] | Roger Malina [USA] | Paul Marino [USA] | Rigoberta Menchú, premio Nobel per la pace [Guatemala] | Marcello Napoli [Italy] | Francesco Saverio Nucci [Italy] | Blanca Helena Pantin [Venezuela] | Howard Rheingold [USA] | Alfredo Ronchi [Italy] | Alejandro Sacristan [Spain] | Daniel Sandin [USA] | Paul Sermon [UK] | Stelarc [Australia] | Robert Stone [UK] | Nadia Thalman [Switzerland] | Rosa Truijllo [Venezuela] | Yesi Maharaj Singh [Venezuela] | Unesco | Manuel Viñas Limonchi [Spain] | Daniela Voto [Italy] | Stephen Wilson [USA].

During the first presentation of e-Art on 15 November 2006 at 4.30 p.m. at Museum of Contemporary Art in Roma [MACRO] will take place a panel open to the participation of the public to share experiences, discussions, opinions in relation to the different fields of interests of the book. With the partecipation of Dr Danilo Eccher, Director of MACRO of Roma, of Dr Ricca, Director of Editori Riuniti, Prof. Franz Fischnaller, author of e-Art and special guests as: Prof. Alberto Abruzzese, Dr. Mauro Annunziato, Dr. Valerio Eletti, Dr. Michele Emmer, Dr Maurizio Forte, Prof. Mario Morcellini, Dr Renato Parascandolo, Prof. Domenico Parisi, Dr. Lorenzo Maria Pupillo, Prof. Lorenzo Taiuti.

Prof. Alberto Abruzzese. Professor of the Sociology of Mass Communications at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He carries out research activities in the field of mass communications and organizes conventions and seminars Author of numerous essays on communications and the media. He also contributes regularly to a number of newspapers and reviews with articles on expressive strategies and the cultural politics of the cinema, television and information.

Dr. Mauro Annunziato. Mauro Annunziato founded the media art-science group PLANCTON in ’94 with Piero Pierucci focusing the research on the creative and aesthetical potentialities of chaos and artificial life, the relation between art and science, mind and society, communication and interaction.

Dr. Valerio Eletti. Journalist, editor , expert in areas of the e-learning system and multimedia. Professor at the Department of Science of the Communication, at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Dr. Michele Emmer. Professor of mathematics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Dipartimento di Matematica. President of the Italian associations for scientific media, part of the European association “Media in Science”. Member of the editorial board of Leonardo, of the American Mathematical Society, of the American Ass. for Aesthetics, of the European Math ass., etc. Reviewer for journal of mathematics and journals of art. president of the scientific journal “Galileo”.

Dr Maurizio Forte. Senior Scientist at the National Research Council, Institute of Technologies Applied to the Cultural Heritage (Rome) director of the Virtual Heritage Lab, Vice President of the Virtual Heritage Network, professor of Multimedia archiving of archaeological data at the Second University of Naples.

Prof. Mario Morcellini. Professor of the Sociology of Communication and cocoordinator of the graduate course in the Science of Communication at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome. He has been a member of the Ministerial Commission for the reform of the graduate course in Sociology and of the Ministerial Commission of the graduate course in Science of Communication.

Dr Renato Parascandolo. Assistant of the General Director of Rai Radiotelevisione Ialiana. Fields of specialization: mass media communication, education, journalism, human science and digital media applied to cultural heritage.

Prof. Domenico Parisi. Director at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council in Rome, where he is part of the research group Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics. He is the Director of the review ‘Sistemi Intelligenti’.

Dr. Lorenzo Maria Pupillo. Executive Director at Telecom Italia for Strategy, Innovation and Development. Adviser to the Information for Development Program in the Global Information and Communication Technologies Department of the World Bank.

Prof. Lorenzo Taiuti. Author of video, installations in collaboration with experimental musicians for audiovisual productions. Professor in mass media, visual arts, multimedia and new technology at Department of Architecture Valle Giulia, University La Sapienza, Rome.

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Author: Prof. Franz Fischnaller
Editor: Editori Riuniti,Rome,Italy
Project Coordinator: Daniela Voto, F.A.B.R.I.CATORS
Development of the cd-room: Manuel Viñas Limonchi
With the contribution of: Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Rome / Italy

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