Drive By Exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center

January 25th, 2008 - April 20th, 2008

Categories: Museums, Video / Film

Still from “Tesseraction”
Still from “Tesseraction”


Drive By, an exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) features video works by MFA students at the University of Illinois Chicago’s School of Art and Design. This exhibition is a collaboration between the HPAC and UIC, and is the culmination of a 2007 seminar course that explored media projection and technology, recent developments in public art, and the relationship between art and location. Led by professor and artist Daniel Sauter, the students created digital works specifically for the Art Center’s Jackman Goldwasser Catwalk Gallery. Works by EVLers Paige Treebridge and H. Weldon will be among those featured.

Opening Reception:
Friday, January 25
5-7 pm

The opening reception features 10-minute excerpts of the video works in a one hour sequence. Starting Monday, Jan. 28, each work will be screened continuously for two weeks.

Feb. 11 - Feb. 24
Famous on the Internet
Paige Treebridge, Jessica Westbrook

Famous on the Internet features Internet videos pulled from the Web and submitted by ordinary and extraordinary people. The piece considers several perspectives: the concepts of famous, infamous or popular in the Internet realm; how Internet video relates to home movies, home video and snapshots; and how some Internet videos function as folk or outsider art. The phrase “famous on the Internet” denotes the possibility of being famous to a relatively small group while, at the same time, pointing out how ridiculous it is to be “famous” in a medium so filled with absurd channels of communication.

April 7 - Apr. 20
Hubert Wayne Weldon

Tesseraction is a visualization of time expressed as space. Of the four dimensions which control our existence, time is the only one which we cannot perceive with our senses. In this work HPAC has been converted into a a sequence of tesseractic translations deconstructing time and space into it’s most basic forms.