CBS news profiles UIC’s BVis (and EVL technologies)

April 21st, 2010

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Scott Barrows in front of GeoWall
Scott Barrows in front of GeoWall


CBS Chicago evening news recently profiled UIC’s Biomedical Visualization (BVis) program, part of the College of Applied Health Sciences and a national leader in educating medical artists. BVis program head Scott Barrows is interviewed and talks about 3D medical applications - whether displayed on an iPad or on the stereoscopic GeoWall (shown behind him) - for patient care.

EVL’s longstanding ties to the BVis program were prominently displayed in the news story. BVis employs EVL’s hardware technologies, such as the GeoWall 3D passive stereo display, and has previously hired EVL students to help create content, such as the eye image shown on the GeoWall. Most recently, EVL’s Luc Renambot, an Assistant Research Professor in Computer Science, works regularly with BVis students and corporate partners to create and port medical content to innovative stereo displays, such as the GeoWall and EVL’s new OmegaDesk.

Barrows says that his students “…have to have the knowledge of a doctor, the talent of an artist, and the ability of a computer scientist.” “Slip on a pair of glasses,” says the commentator, “and the wonders of these innovations take doctors into the 3D world of a virtual operating room. …It’s like I can reach out and touch it.”

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BVis and EVL previously got publicity in the 2009 “TimeOut Chicago” article about the art exhibition “Redefining the Medical Artist,” curated by BVis graduate student Meena Malhotra. She cited BVis’ partnership with EVL as evidence that UIC’s graduate biomedical visualization program is one of most progressive in the country.

Timeout Chicago Article