Tracking the Net

October 25th, 2001

Categories: Networking, VR Art


Fischnaller, F.


Tracking the Net is a collective, interactive installation, which combines motion capture and virtual reality. Several users can interact in real time, simultaneously. The installation is projected to host interactive teams, which can experience a shared environment in local and as well in remote locations through networking. One of the major goals is to allow remote interactions between visitors and to focus on collaborative VR, with high performance and to give emphasis to enable teams to participate in distant locations: to share, interact, navigate, work or just have fun and share experiences as if they were in a common, virtual space.

Visitors can freely interact and navigate within the different virtual environments by touching, pulling, and stretching the “Net”. The visitors are not required to manipulate any electronic devices such as joystick, mouse etc. They can use their own limbs, their motor capabilities and intuition to navigate through the VR environment, manipulate objects, move between scenes and play with sounds.

This paper describes the design and implementation of Tracking the Net, covering diverse aspects of the installation such as: description of the platform, technology, interactivity, interface, production process; application, content development; goals, salient features and motivations behind this idea.




Fischnaller, F., Tracking the Net, International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, vol 7, Berkley, California, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 397-406, IEEE Computer Society, October 25th, 2001.