N.I.C.E: Narrative-based Immersive Constructionists / Collaborative Environments

September 1st, 1995 - June 1st, 1999

Categories: Applications, Education, MS / PhD Thesis, Tele-Immersion, VR

Jim (the avatar) and Eddie working together in the garden.
Jim (the avatar) and Eddie working together in the garden.


NICE is a project that applies virtual reality to the creation of a family of educational environments for young users. Our approach is based on constructionism, where real and synthetic users, motivated by an underlying narrative, build persisting virtual worlds through collaboration. This approach is grounded on well established paradigms in contemporary learning and integrates ideas from such diverse fields as virtual reality, human-computer interaction, CSCW, storytelling, and artificial intelligence.

The goal is to build an experiential learning environment that will engage children in authentic activity. Our prototype system explores the above ideas within the CAVE™ virtual reality theater.