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SculptDemo Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ConvertIvToGHOSTProvides conversion from Open Inventor to GHOST
CrControllerRepresents controller devices which generate events
CrControllerObserverSpecialized observer for CrController devices
CrEditConfigCrEdit configuration class
CrEditConfig::SliceVolInfoMedical slice volume information
CrHapticControllerDevice class for the PHANToM haptic controller
CrMeshTriangle mesh class bridge between Open Inventor and GHOST
CrToolManipulation tool implement controller behavior
CrWandControllerRepresents the Wanda 3D control device
cubeStackProvides a cube stack implementation
IVFileProvides a implementation to read openInventor file into geometry
NurbsBallTouchable NURBS ball implemented with Inventor and GHOST
ObserverObserver component of Observer Pattern
OIVAppShellA class providing basic OIV and CAVELib integration
SbLineIsectProjectorProjects 2D points to 3D points along a line.

The 3D projection of the 2D coordinates is for this projector class constrained to lie along a pre-defined line

SculptBallTouchable ball implemented with Inventor and GHOST
SculptConfigSculptDemo configuration class
SculptCubesProvides an implementation of a stack of sculptCubes
SculptDemoAppApplication implementing demonstration of capabilities
SculpterProvides a implementation of a class that does the sculpting operation
SoTrackerEventPosition and orientation information for events.

Tracker events are generated by sensor devices reporting position and orientation in 3D space. This information may be obtained from tracking systems

SubjectSubject component of Observer Pattern

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