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Cassidy... the renegade Shih Tzu

My story:
My Chris and Craig found me roaming the street at the tender age of 6 months. I had just been abandoned by the evil tyrant that was very mean to me. Sure I enjoyed the dirt and grime and freedom, but I am happier now that I have a car to ride in and a warm bed to dominate.

This is my Chris. She and Craig bought me a house recently so that I can have any number of places to nap during the day and sleep at night. I can be cute if I try real hard - especially when there are treats to be had (I don't work for nothing!)

Here is my Craig taking a nap with me - one of my favorite activities!

Chris and Craig built a garden and pond for me to enjoy. The pond always provides me with a fresh drink during those *dog days* of summer. The fish they put in the pond also are entertaining. I pretend to try to catch them and they scatter. I sometimes think they are trying to catch my nose.

Here I am during June, 1996. I nibble on these pansies when I have a tummy ache or sometimes just for fun! They are just my size.

Sure some may say I'm spoiled, but I don't care as long as there is a pillow for me to relax on and I get my treats...

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