Design of the ImmersiveTouch™: a High-Performance Haptic Augmented Virtual Reality System

Authors: Luciano, C., Banerjee, P., Florea, L., Dawe, G.

Publication: 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Las Vegas, NV

ImmersiveTouch™ is the next generation of augmented virtual reality technology, being the first system that integrates a haptic device, with a head and hand tracking system, and a high-resolution and high-pixel-density stereoscopic display. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable working volume in the space of a standard desktop. The haptic device is collocated with the 3D graphics, giving the user a more realistic and natural means to manipulate and modify 3D data in real time. The high-performance, multi-sensorial computer interface allows easy development of medical, dental, engineering or scientific virtual reality simulation and training applications that appeal to many stimuli: audio, visual, tactile and kinesthetic.

Date: July 22, 2005 - July 27, 2005

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ImmersiveTouch Prototype - C. Luciano

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