August 1st, 2004 - Ongoing

Categories: Devices, Virtual Medicine, Visualization

ImmersiveTouch™ Augmented Reality Simulator
ImmersiveTouch™ Augmented Reality Simulator


ImmersiveTouch™ is the next generation of augmented virtual reality technology.

ImmersiveTouch™ is the first system that integrates a haptic device with a head and hand tracking system and a high resolution high pixel-density stereoscopic display. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable working volume in the space of a standard desktop.

The haptic device is collocated with the high resolution 3D graphics, giving the user a more realistic and natural means to manipulate and modify 3D data in real time. Force feedback takes virtual reality beyond the visual to the tactile domain; from a limited interaction to a hands-on workbench for training and simulation.

The high-performance, multi-sensory computer interface allows easy development of medical, dental, engineering or scientific virtual reality training applications that appeal to many stimuli: audio, visual, tactile and kinesthetic.

ImmersiveTouch™ is a complete hardware and software solution. The hardware integrates 3D stereo visualization, force feedback, head and hand tracking, and spatialized 3D audio. The software provides a unified API (Applications Programming Interface) to handle graphics rendering, haptics rendering, 3D audio feedback, interactive menus and buttons.