Tangible User Interface Testing on the LambdaTable: A High Resolution Tiled LCD Tabletop

Authors: Krumbholz, C., Kooima, R., Rao, A.

Publication: EVL Technical Paper Publication, 20060721_krumbholz

This paper presents the LambdaTable, a tabletop display that employs tiled LCD monitors to significantly improve resolution over single display or projector systems. It supports multi-modal interaction with applications and copresent users by combining extremely high visual resolution with uniquely identified, special purpose camera tracked physical interface devices, all within a large multiuser tabletop environment.

In this paper we investigate the Fitts Law properties of this system, with particular emphasis on target acquisition across large distances. We also discuss the LambdaTable’s™ applications for solving emerging needs within the scientific visualization and emergency response domains.

Date: July 1, 2006 - July 30, 2006

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Figure 4. Each target was positioned in one of 9 different locations, no targets were occluded by mullions - C. Krumbholz, EVL

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