Participants: Fernando Orellana, Todd Margolis

Artswatch, Louisville, KY

“plugANDplay” is an exhibition which pushes the limits and vagaries of an electronically overwhelmed culture. Each piece is to be simply plugged in and played.

EVLers and sine::apsis experiments members Todd Margolis and Fernando Orellana showcase their work in this exhibition, which runs concurrently at Swanson Cralle: S:N (signal to noise), June 28th-August 10th.

Todd Margolis
man+machine, (3) 8.5’ x 11’ light boxes
A series of ImmersaGrams that explore the potentialities of incorporating machine technology into the human body. These images appear similar to 3D X-Rays and present the viewer with a cyborg / human entity.

Fernando Orellana
S.R.A v. 1.0 - 1.5 (superfluously redundant analysis) 15’ x 15’

sine::apsis experiments members: Kevin Heisner, Daniel Miller, Fernando Orellana, Amy Youngs, Valerie Fuchs, Sabrina Raaf, Andrea Polli, Todd Margolis

Invited artists include: Ben Chang, Thomas DeLisle, Russel Hulsey, Keenan Lawler, Jamie Tittle, Trevor Paglen, Silvia Ruzanka, Chris Sorg, Dmitry Stakovsky


Date: June 28, 2002 - August 3, 2002
sine::apsis experiments

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