Presentation by Pat Badani

Participants: Pat Badani


ERF 2032, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Pat Badani is an inter-media artist working with new and existing technologies and their discourses. Her works embrace, performative situations, photography, video, installation and cultural research to examine notions of place, cities, communication and global processes. In 2002 she received a major Canada Council Media Arts Research Grant to develop an international project involving the convergence of culture and technology in 6 world cities.

She has participated in more than 100 interventions, exhibitions and screenings in galleries, museums and contemporary art-centers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. She has been awarded 14 individual artist grants for her projects, and her works form part of public and private collections.

Badani is a Canadian artist of Italian descent, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having lived in 7 countries in the Americas and Europe, she now lives in Chicago and in Montreal. She has taught and given lectures in Canada, Mexico, France and the USA, and is currently Assistant Professor of Integrated Media at Illinois State University.

On Wednesday Pat Badani will discuss her project in progress: “Where are you from”, currently in its second phase of development. The work, for which she received a Canada Council Media Arts Research Grant, explores the convergence of technological and social space in six urban centers in the Americas and Europe in order to capture and disseminate cultural information. Badani will sketch a genealogy of media practices that are a backdrop for the project, and speculate on how the archived material can be reprocessed for the production of knowledge through methods of visualization and interactivity.


Date: November 1, 2004
Where Are You From? - © Pat Badani

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