Rutopia 2 Presented at the SPIE 2006 The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality

Participants: Daria Tsoupikova


Convention Center, San Jose, CA

EVL Assistant Professor (UIC School of Art & Design), Daria Tsoupikova presents her virtual reality artwork at SPIE 2006 - The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality. “Rutopia2” is developed for interaction and display on the CAVE / CWall networked advanced visualization environments.

“Rutopia2” describes a magic garden with interactive sculptural trees that branch to distant worlds; participants traverse the branches into a shared networked community. “Rutopia2” explores the aesthetics of virtual art in its relationship with the art of painting and Russian folk arts.


Date: January 15, 2006 - January 19, 2006
Island world with fully grown trees - D. Tsoupikova, EVL

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