Virtual Identities

Participants: Tina Shah

ERF 2032

In today’s world you are surrounded by an influx of images that suggest who you should be physically and mentally. Everyday whether you are watching T.V., a movie, or reading a magazine you are constantly being subjected to characters that you either identify with or don’t.

Tina Shah will present an analysis that deals with identity building through playing video games. The presentation will start with a brief overview of Jacques Lacan’s mirror stage concept and a paper by Laura Mulvey that discusses the topic of image and self-image found in Hollywood cinema.

The discussion will then lead to the influence that film has on video games and draw comparisons between the audience-film and player-game relationships and the role video games could potentially play in the identification process.


Date: October 6, 2004

Document: Virtual Identities Presentation
Virtual Identities - T. Shah

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