Visualization in Scientific Computing Report Released

November 1st, 1987

Categories: Animation, Applications, Devices, Software, User Groups, Video / Film, Visualization


The report on Visualization in Scientific Computing documented the findings and recommendations of the Panel on Graphics, Image Processing and Workstations chartered by the Division of Advanced Scientific Computing (DASC) of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Held in Washington, DC, February 9-10, 1987 a workshop brought together researchers from academia, industry and government to showcase examples of their computer-generated imagery using film, videotape and slides, and to discuss visualization, state-of-the-art computer graphics animation research, and commercially available hardware and software. Co-chaired by Panel members Bruce H. McCormick and Thomas A. DeFanti, the Panel of computer graphics and computer vision experts analyzed emerging technologies, and federal agency representatives presented their needs and interests. The results of the Workshop culminated in the Visualization in Scientific Computing report.