Presentation by Chris Clepper

October 29th, 2003

Categories: Animation, Applications, Devices, Multimedia, Sound Art, Video / Film


I have had an interest in the moving image and sound ever since my father brought home one of the first consumer video camera systems in the early eighties. By the age of 12 my friends and I had figured out basic editing, audio dubbing and primitive special effects, and my interest led to enrollment in the University of Texas film school. Not finding satisfaction there, I moved to Chicago and began studies at the School of the Art Institute and primarily focused on digital imaging, multi-media and sound. I have used computers for visual work for about ten years and nearly that long for audio work (I do have to admit to being a huge analog synthesizer fan though). After completing my degree I got involved with various local and international musicians and artists which resulted in collaborations and performances in numerous locations in Europe and North America (see linked CV). Recently, my attention has turned towards the creation of high-performance tools for real-time audio and video that use the open-source model of distribution to enable wider access to the software.

The presentation will consist of an overview of graphics technologies and the relevant features of modern 2d and 3d imaging software and hardware. I will demonstrate the possibilities of using current consumer computers to do 2D image manipulation including live video capture and processing, and also show some of the uses of 3D GPUs for live performance. I plan on setting up a live camera feed and show techniques of background removal and keying and possible uses for installations. The 3D demos will consist of approaches to texture mapping live video and film clips, using 3D hardware to manipulate textured images, and a preview of some forthcoming vertex_array manipulation objects (perhaps even a look at shaders as well). For those interested in developing software, I can also discuss techniques of optimizing software and using hardware APIs for maximum benefit.

I will also bring a few examples of my work including a rare clip of a performance I did with Derek Bailey and Casey Rice and the patch I used with Takemura.