Real-Time Video View Morphing

March 1st, 2002 - September 1st, 2003

Categories: Applications, Human Factors

Extended MIP-MAP
Extended MIP-MAP


Real-Time Video View Morphing is a real-time virtual video camera application based on view morphing. This system takes video input from multiple cameras aimed at the same subject from different angles.

After performing real-time pattern matching, the system generates synthetic views for a virtual camera that can pan between any two real views.

The approach of this paper differs from the more common “depth from stereo” method for generating virtual views in that it does not attempt to reconstruct the 3D structure of the original scene. Instead it takes two 2D images and directly generates the 2D output by performing only planar operations.

At the heart of the system are algorithms and data structures that support the fast inter-image correlation needed for the completely automated, real-time view morphing.