Field Trip to art(n)

November 19th, 2003

Categories: Animation, Cultural Heritage, Devices, Education, Multimedia, Sound Art, Video / Film, VR Art, Web Art


Presentation Structure:
1.) Ellen Sandor: Introduction to (art)n, tour of gallery
2.) Keith Miller: Technical demo of phscologram process
3.) AI: Introduction to AI, discussion of AI projects
4.) AI: Demo of Special Treatment (work in progress)
5.) Keith Miller: Demo of thesis (work in progress, time permitting)

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(art)n was formed by Ellen Sandor in 1983 with her peers from The School of the Art Institute. The original group included sculptors, a fashion photographer, holographers and video artists, and continued to evolve over the past 20 years to include digital artists. The (art)n group has also collaborated with scientists from the Scripps Research Institute, NASA, the U.S. Army, as well as animators, architects, painters, virtual reality pioneers and the Chicago Imagists. The PHSCologram term, coined in 1983 by Ellen Sandor, is an acronym for photography, holography, sculpture and computer graphics (pronounced skol-o-gram). The PHSCologram medium inspired new ideas in multimedia circles, and influenced three decades of (art)n’s collaborative portfolio, unsurpassed for its prolific range of content and innovation in digital photography.

Applied Interactives
Applied Interactives is a collaborative group of artists and technologists dedicated to the development and use of interactive and immersive technologies as an accessible and affordable creative visualization medium. We are a resource for virtual reality hardware systems and applications development and a source of education regarding these technologies within the community. Applied Interactives was founded in 2001 to fulfill the desire to propogate virtual reality and interactive mediums and technologies out of the lab and into the spaces of the gallery and museums and the hands of individual artists. Additionally, Applied Interactives hopes to better facilitate their use by individuals, institutions and businesses by being uniquely qualified to offer solutions which address technologies, applications, training and content at the same time.