Parallels between Baroque Art and Neo-Baroque Aesthetics in Contemporary Entertainment

September 22nd, 2004

Categories: Animation, Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Video / Film

Pietro da Cortona’s Divine Providence
Pietro da Cortona’s Divine Providence


Poliana Tassini presents the comparative analysis traced in Angela Ndalianis’ book “Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and Contemporary Entertainment” between the baroque aesthetics from the 17th century and the neo-baroque era in the Contemporary Entertainment of 20th / 21st centuries. According to Ndalianis, “the neo-baroque shares a baroque delight in spectacle and sensory experiences, a spectacle that, in our time, often relies upon computer technology.” Using examples from video-games, CGI movies and theme-park attractions in VR, we will understand how the contemporary entertainment media reflect the new “neo-baroque logic” as a result of the technological advancements of our time.