59th Annual University Film and Video Association Conference

August 2nd, 2005 - August 19th, 2005

Categories: Animation, Applications, Education, Multimedia, Sound Art, Video / Film, Web Art

UFVA conference
UFVA conference


EVL’s Drew Browning and collaborator Annette Barbier will be exhibiting several new works at the 59th Annual UFVA (University Film and Video Association) conference (August 2 - 6, 2005). The conference schedule promises a stimulating selection of screenings, readings, discussions, installations, and demonstrations - all against the backdrop of one of the country’s most beautiful and diverse cities.

Browning and Barbier have had a busy and exciting summer as they developed their new interactive work, “Path of the Dragon”. The river journey is the form of this installation in which a participant is a traveler in a mythic voyage through the ages of a nation, Vietnam. Beginning at dawn, the participant navigates through three levels: a past lived close to nature, a time of horrific upheaval and violence, and a time of adapting and rebuilding.

Visit the artists’ efforts in Photon Flow: UFVA 2005 New Media Exhibition at the Glass Curtain Gallery. This installation is based on the media performance Browning and Barbier showcased last summer, River of Many Sides.

Photon Flow: UFVA 2005 New Media Exhibition
1104 S. Wabash Ave., 1st Floor
August 2 - August 19, 2005
Opening Reception: Tuesday, August 2, 5:30-6:30 pm