KALI:The Goddess of the Millenium

October 25th, 2001

Categories: VR Art


Fischnaller, F.


Kali is an intense, user-driven, multileveled virtual-reality piece that incorporates advanced technology to create a major interactive art installation. It is a comprehensive experience in the new language of interactive design, aesthetic interpretation of digital information and use of visual design in the virtual environment. Through Kali, the author explores a fusion of digital media, culture, the arts, literature, myth, and cinema.

Kali’s content is articulated in two main parts:

  1. The virtual-reality application
  2. The multimedia world composed of videos, sound and interactive animation

The virtual-reality application, visible through the VR Platform ( I-Desk) represents Kali’s inner world, the world of causes and their effects, or decision-making. The visitor can generate situations within the virtual world interacting with the VR world and see the corresponding consequences (effects) in real time, whether in the virtual world or in the multimedia world, projected on the two external screens integrated in Kali’s installation. However, the images that the visitor sees through Kali’s eyes are not the same as the images projected on the external screens.




Fischnaller, F., KALI:The Goddess of the Millenium, International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, vol 7, Berkley, California, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 545-554, IEEE Computer Society, October 25th, 2001. http://www.vsmm.org/vsmm2001