SAGEBoard: a Whiteboard for Large Multitouch Displays

August 16th, 2015 - May 3rd, 2016

Categories: Applications, Human Factors, MS / PhD Thesis, User Groups, Tele-Collaboration, Remote Collaboration

User drawing on EVL’s Cyber-Commons tiled display using SAGEBoard
User drawing on EVL’s Cyber-Commons tiled display using SAGEBoard


SAGEBoard is an electronic whiteboard for tiled touch displays that can be used locally or shared between remote collaborators. An electronic whiteboard can combine the advantages of an electronic device with the fast paced interaction provided by a regular whiteboard, enhancing both solutions with new functions. Users can perform classic whiteboard actions such as drawing or writing free-handed on the screen using their finger or a stylus. They can use brushes to paint, and they can erase content. However, unlike on traditional whiteboards, users can also relocate content on the screen, insert figures and drawings, and save or load previous sessions. Moreover, everything can be shared between all the users, and more people can interact simultaneously, improving the collaborative task.

SAGEBoard runs on multiple displays, and is integrated with other display-enabled applications; the application manages multiple simultaneous inputs, as well as the rendering of graphic elements on different sized displays. SAGEBoard is a lightweight networked solution that address any latency issues that might impact the interactive experience.

This research explores human computer interaction issues - how people behave when collaborating on a shared touch enabled display, or deal with remotely controlled collaboration, since the whole application can be shared among both co-located and remote screens. A small scale user study was designed to analyze the advantages of using multi-touch displays over conventional keyboard and mouse configurations, as well as remote interaction using mobile touch displays.