Revisions are listed in chronological order with the most recent revisions listed first
ygWorld 07/01/06 Alex Hill - fixed bug initializing timing
ygNode 07/01/06 Alex Hill - revised pfChanged logic to avoid concurrency problems
ygNet 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added connect() and thread() separate connection and threading
keyboard 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added function keys
ygGeometry 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added transparency message
vectorNavigator 07/01/06 Alex Hill - disabled navigation updating for distributed clients
surface 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added functionality to create a parent ygTransform when necessary
main 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added logic to use CAVElib distribution
grabNavigator 07/01/06 Alex Hill - reworked to allow overiding and locked speed to navigator speed
ygCAVENavigator 07/01/06 Alex Hill - disabled navigation updating for distributed clients
ygCAVETracker 07/01/06 Alex Hill - fixed bug with initializing ygUser sensor number
ygNetClient 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added connect() to separate initialization and connection
ygNodeDB 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added logic to delay storing node information for ygWorld
ygSoundServer 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added logic to allow pausing of sound files
ygTransform 07/01/06 Alex Hill - added logic to switch to unreliable messages when possible
ygUser 07/01/06 Alex Hill - made updating of navigation automatic for distribution nodes
mathematics 04/01/06 Alex Hill - now reads child node and converts to given function
particleSystem 03/07/06 Alex Hill - converted to YG 4.X and added networking
videoTexture 02/20/06 Alex Hill - stripped down and reconfigured to use existing geometry nodes
sceneGraph 02/01/06 Alex Hill
spotLight 02/01/06 Alex Hill - changd net.on to for save and printout
ygDSOLoader 02/01/06 Alex Hill - revised constructor names to reflect removal of ygSimpleTransform, etc.
ygEventMessages 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added next event logic, debug messaging, and accessor functions
ygGrid 02/01/06 Alex Hill
ygLight 02/01/06 Alex Hill - changed net.on to and moved event generation out of app function
ygMessage 02/01/06 Alex Hill - add functionality to handle frame count delays
ygNavigator 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added logic to cleanly remove ygNavigator objects from scene
ygNetMessages 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added getMessageMap function to give access to node message data
ygObject 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added setGeodeName funtion to set the name of each pfGeode to the node name for intersection picking
ygParser 02/01/06 Alex Hill - parser now calls reset on each node and does name replacement
ygScene 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added "updated" event
ygSpace 02/01/06 Alex Hill - broke volume message into volume type string and vector for optional extent
ygSwitch 02/01/06 Alex Hill - changed netOn to netOff and moved event generation out of app function
ygUtil 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added ygIncrementName to avoid duplicate node names
ygViewer 02/01/06 Alex Hill - broke ygCAVEViewer into ygViewer base class and subclass
ygWand 02/01/06 Alex Hill - added "user" message and "on"/"off" messages to disable a wand
classListing 09/15/05 Alex Hill
nodeListing 09/15/05 Alex Hill
eventListing 08/15/05 Alex Hill
directoryListing 08/15/05 Alex Hill
reference 07/20/05 Alex Hill - added functionality to reference a ygTransform node
material 07/01/05 Alex Hill - fixed initial message bug and removed relative mode
ygTexture 06/28/05 Alex Hill - fixed several bugs related to performance with the material node
ygSphere 06/28/05 Alex Hill - changed distance calc to go to -1.0 at center
ygPFObjectCache 06/28/05 Alex Hill - added makeUnique function to dereference shared attributes
ygBox 06/28/05 Alex Hill - changed distance calc to go to -1.0 at center
ygTokenStream 06/28/05 Alex Hill - added process id to temporary file name
CAVEEyes 04/18/05 Alex Hill
geometrySwitch 03/01/05 Alex Hill
textureTransform 12/05/04 Alex Hill - fixed matrix key for client nodes
pointFollower 12/01/04 Alex Hill - added upright message to prevent pitch adjustment
layer 10/04/04 Kapil Arora
stencilBuffer 10/02/04 Alex Hill
nodeMessages 09/15/04 Alex Hill
ygHead 09/01/04 Dave Pape - renamed from ygCAVEHead
nodeTrigger 09/01/04 Alex Hill - changed to detect by actual class name instead of alias used to create the node
ygCAVEHead 09/01/04 Alex Hill - automatically create a child ygHead node (deprecated)
waves 04/01/04 Alex Hill - changed "size" to "width" msg, add "height" message
quadparts 10/25/03 Kyoung Park - added "file" message to use any texture
ygSound 08/01/03 Alex Hill - added position reporting for spatialized sound server
ygEnvironment 08/01/03 Dave Pape - updated logic to fix overlapping volumes
whiteNoise 08/01/03 Alex Hill
tone 08/01/03 Alex Hill
soundRecorder 08/01/03 Alex Hill
ratSource 08/01/03 Alex Hill
amplitude 08/01/03 Alex Hill
clock 05/01/03 Alex Hill
ygCAVEViewer 05/01/03 Alex Hill - added setUser() method to use another user perspective
text 04/02/03 Alex Hill
String 04/02/03 Alex Hill
System 04/02/03 Alex Hill
JPEGDecompress 02/24/03 Kalle Jalkanen and Jonas Westling, Interactive Institute Umeň, Sweden
remoteValue 01/21/03 Alex Hill
value 01/15/03 Alex Hill - added event message
viewTexture 01/15/03 Alex Hill - added save option
movieTexture 01/10/03 Alex Hill - added Linux support thanks to Ben Chang
rain 11/05/02 Alex Hill - added network Messages
snow 11/05/02 Alex Hill - added network Messages
pointMover 11/01/02 Alex Hill
userSwitch 10/01/02 Alex Hill
applyTexture 07/10/02 Alex Hill
valuator 06/01/02 Alex Hill
CAVEWindow 05/10/02 Alex Hill
userTrigger 05/10/02 Alex Hill
clipPlane 03/25/02 Alex Hill
mirror 11/10/01 Alex Hill
pathRandom 11/10/01 Javier I. Girado, Brenda Lopez
reflection 11/10/01 Alex Hill
visualPriority 11/10/01 Alex Hill
boolean 11/01/01 Alex Hill
body 11/01/01 Alex Hill
add 11/01/01 Alex Hill
and 11/01/01 Alex Hill
billboard 11/01/01 Alex Hill
distance 11/01/01 Alex Hill
divide 11/01/01 Alex Hill
equalTo 11/01/01 Alex Hill
flipbook 11/01/01 Kyoung Park
grabber 11/01/01 Alex Hill
gravity 11/01/01 Alex Hill
greaterEqual 11/01/01 Alex Hill
greaterThan 11/01/01 Alex Hill
highlight 11/01/01 Alex Hill
interpolate 11/01/01 Alex Hill
lessEqual 11/01/01 Alex Hill
lessThan 11/01/01 Alex Hill
levelOfDetail 11/01/01 Alex Hill
localData 11/01/01 Dave Pape
localFlipbook 11/01/01 Dave Pape
manipulator 11/01/01 Alex Hill
maximum 11/01/01 Alex Hill
minimum 11/01/01 Alex Hill
morpher 11/01/01 Alex Hill
mover 11/01/01 Alex Hill
moveToNode 11/01/01 Alex Hill
multiply 11/01/01 Alex Hill
Negate 11/01/01 Alex Hill
not 11/01/01 Alex Hill
or 11/01/01 Alex Hill
orientAxis 11/01/01 Alex Hill
physics 11/01/01 Alex Hill
pointAtNode 11/01/01 Alex Hill
pointAtTrigger 11/01/01 Dave Pape
poserAnimator 11/01/01 Shalini Venkataraman
positioner 11/01/01 Alex Hill
proximity 11/01/01 Alex Hill
readFile 11/01/01 Alex Hill
smoke 11/01/01 Josheph Tremonti
subtract 11/01/01 Alex Hill
timer 11/01/01 Alex Hill
visibility 11/01/01 Dave Pape
wandTrigger 11/01/01 Dave Pape
writeFile 11/01/01 Alex Hill
ygCAVEWand 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygControl Dave Pape
ygCylinder 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygDebugFlags 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygEvent 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygFileRequest 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygFileServer 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygInfiniteVolume 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygMutex.linux 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygMutex.sgi 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygPFTextureCache 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygPointVolume 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygSelector 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygSphereIsect 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygString 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygUtil2 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygVolume 11/01/01 Dave Pape
ygVolUtil 11/01/01 Dave Pape